(English) Installation Guide Citrix Receiver Windows 7/8

1. Download the Citrix Receiver from this link Citrix Receiver 4.0 (Windows)

2. Choose “run” when you get the question about download or run the citrixreceiver.exe



3. Click OK if you get any question about permission to make changes on the computer.

4. Click the install button














5. Click the Finish button














6. Do not put in your e-mail address or any other information in the field below, just click the “Cancel” button














7. Start Internet explorer and then open Internet options (under the wheel top right)

8. Click on the tab security (1) then Trusted sites (2) and click the button “Sites” (3)


















9. Remove the mark on “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone” (1)

10. Add the text: *.unasp.no (2) (as you can see in the example below)

11. Click the “Add” button (3)












12. Verify that you have got the correct information in to the box (1)

13. Click the “Close” button












14, Restart  your computer

15. Start Internet Explorer and navigate to the UNIC ASP log on page: https://office.unasp.no and logon with your username and password.